Ways to Promote The Transfer of Learning


transfer of learning theory reading intervention

Tyler’s classroom teacher shows you his latest writing assignment. He scored 100% on his latest posttest on structured literacy concepts, but his writing sample is full of errors. Despite all the practice on the k/ck spelling rule, he has not applied it here even once.

You pop into Camryn’s classroom during reading time and despite reading decodable text, she is guessing rather than decoding words.

Mrs. Smith sends Jacob with an assignment hoping you will help him redo it. When you remind Jacob of using the COPS strategy, he looks at you with a perplexed look. “That’s something I do here, not in Mrs. Smith’s room.”

Do any of these situations sound familiar? Are you ever frustrated when you know what a student is capable of, but they aren’t showing that capability in their classroom? These are situations that require effective transferring of learning.


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