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Friday Foundations 10/17/14 Review Tips and A Giveaway!


Happy Friday everyone! We’re more than halfway through Dyslexia Awareness Month and what a month it has been. I’m thrilled to share the resources I find and/or create on my FB page with you. I was passing out snack to my twin toddlers this morning and noticed this message on a box of raisins.

When I read this I thought of you, all my page and blog fans/followers. Even if I can post one small uplifting post a day, it can spread a positive message. It also reminds me of the students in our classrooms that appear difficult to reach. They may be disruptive, feel frustrated, lonely, or overwhelmed. One small kindness can speak volumes to these kids. They may not show it, but sometimes, they need it the most.

I’m sharing a few highlights and tips of this week as an OG instructor. Some of my students are still having a tough time when we get to the “What Say?” portion of the lesson plan. As they learn more long vowel spelling choices, the answer to “What says e can be a challenge. Saying the answer out loud and writing it down as they think about it, requires a great deal of concentration. I decided to create a quick and easy review game called “What Says?” I have a blank laminated spinner I use and write on it with a dry erase marker.

Here’s how to play:

  • Spin the spinner.
  • When it lands on a vowel, the teacher asks, “What says…?”
  •  Student replies, writes down one answer and passes the marker to another student or back to teacher.
  • They write down another answer.
  • Keep playing until they have written all answers down. (Differentiate by the number of lessons they’ve had with long vowel sounds)
  • Erase board and spin to keep playing. :))

Looking for a quick syllable types review? I open up to the C.L.O.V.E.R. sheet in my student’s notebook.  I make sure all my students have a copy of this glued into their OG notebooks. Download a free copy here. I hand out syllables that I’ve written down on post-it flags. The student sticks them next to the correct syllable type.

This is an important sort to return to periodically and really helps as you teach syllable division.
Do you have a similar way to review long vowel sound or syllable types? Please comment below!

Finally, I made another collage this week for dyslexia resources. This is a nice collection of books with a variety of insight, research and perspective. They range from highly informative to personal narrative, to practical application.

In honor of Dyslexia Awareness Month, I am giving away one copy of Overcoming Dyslexia by Dr. Sally Shaywitz. This ground-breaking book opened my a whole new world to me as a teacher, and now I want to share it with one lucky person. Enter the rafflecopter below to win and I will announce a winner on Sunday 10/19/14. Good luck!



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  1. Thank you for commenting everyone! Jonna Chrisman is the winner of Overcoming Dyslexia. Jonna- Please check your email. Have a great Sunday!
    Emily Gibbons

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