Friday Foundations: 10/9/14


Happy Friday everyone! I don’t know about you, but lately things are feeling very busy around here! So much to do, so many great opportunities, but sometimes you just can’t do them all. But! I love sharing with all of you, so today, in honor of Dyslexia Awareness Month, I thought I’d share 3 helpful resources with you.

1. I have families asking for children’s books to use as a vehicle to discuss dyslexia with their children. Here’s a great collage of suggested books I created. I have it up on my Dyslexia Support Collaborative Board.

2. I’m am loving these cootie catchers I’ve been making. I created one for the alphabet, (click here to view them) but I’m working on a set for syllable division. Click here to download a free cootie catcher to use for teaching open syllables! Enjoy!

3. I’m offering a $1 deal today on my Fall persuasive writing set. Just enter “freakyfriday” into the TpT search engine and you’ll find it. There’s lots of other great dollar deals there too, so check them out!

That’s about it! Thanks for stopping by Friday Foundations today. I’ll be back next week with more tips for using OG. Have a great weekend!


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