FIve For Friday: November 15, 2013


Happy TRT/OG  Friday friends! Welcome if this is the first time visiting my blog! Be sure to click the blue book with the heart on it in the right sidebar to follow me on Bloglovin. It’s the easiest way to organize all the blogs you read. This week I started my annual tradition that may make some of you think I’m a little nuts.  I started playing and listening to Christmas music! Every year, the day after Veteran’s Day, XM radio rolls out their holiday stations and I am ALL IN! It’s such a short season to hear all those wonderful tunes, why not start early?
Here’s five things about The Reading Tutor/OG to wrap up your week.

New Pinterest Collaborative Boards- Teachers love to collaborate and share ideas. It’s just their nature. Social media has made this possible in so many new ways. I’ve created two new collaborative boards on Pinterest that I invite you to follow and/or join. If you join, you can pin to either board you like. This is a great way to share your resources and talents with a large group. Click on either picture of either of the following boards. Hope to see you there!

The Gift Of Reading Blog Hop is next weekend! I’m teaming up with the same fabulous group of Reading teachers and Literacy Specialists along with some newbies. We have a great new theme, plus plenty of freebies and giveaways at the end. If you followed the last blog hop, it will run very much like that. Mark your calendars!

December/January Newsletter- This month I have a special focus on handwriting with a guest article from an occupational therapist and friend of mine. View all my newsletters by clicking on the owl in the right side-bar that says “Click here to read my newsletters.” If you’d ever like to be a guest writer in my newsletter, it’s fun and great exposure if you have a blog or page of your own. Feel free to contact me or comment below.

 New Orton Gillingham Packs- When I was training in Orton Gillingham we had to create many lessons and word lists of our own. In the early days that took me HOURS! You really need the proper resources because OG follows such a specific scope and sequence. My training comes from trainers from Mass General Hospital. They really use a “pure and unchanged” approach, which I can appreciate. I’ve gathered and polished up all of my word lists from Level 1-4 and put them in packs. They aren’t complete lists from every level but come pretty close to it. If you’re looking for fresh and new lists because you’ve been a seasoned OG instructor, or you are new and need assistance, these are for you! You’ll find them all in my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

 Infographic Workshop- I really didn’t think I was busy enough so I added one more project to my plate this week! Just kidding. I’ve been interested in learning how to create infographics for a few months now and I found a great site that you can start making them for free. Piktochart offers lots of ready made templates or you can start from scratch. What’s an infographic you say? Basically, it’s a visual representation of information using graphics. I’ve found out they’re great for challenged readers when you’re trying to introduce a new concept. So my homework assignment through this online workshop I’m in this weekend is to design an infographic for the first time. I’ll let you know how it works out, and look forward to creating lots of new ones too!
Thank you so much for your support as this blog grows. Have a great weekend with friends and family!


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