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Taking A Crack At Spelling: Multi-Sensory Spelling Strategies


Hi everyone! We all need a little motivation from time to time, don’t we? What tasks sometimes feel tedious to you? (Don’t even ask me about laundry.) Now try to imagine challenges your students face when learning. What helps them sustain and persevere?

After a great conversation with my fellow OG teachers the other day, I realized I needed to shake up the S.O.S. (Simultaneous Oral Spelling) strategy a bit for one of my students. What is S.O.S.? Read a post I wrote about it here. One teacher gave me an idea to treat it like a baseball game. What a great idea! Take a look below at how I turned the critical spelling strategy into a super fun and motivating game!

1. I took the steps of S.O.S. so that a student would be able to proceed to the next base based on completion of that step.

2. I was sure to laminate the whole game using some laminating sheets and then taped it to a plastic file folder with packing tape.

3. I wrote the words on laminated baseballs and pitched a word. Then you can count out the sounds on fingers or tap them out on the table.

4. We used a white board to write the words down, but you can use paper and pencil for more permanent record of answers.

5. When we were done, this student enjoyed reading the word one last time and erasing it on the baseball. 🙂

We had so much fun using S.O.S.this way! It moved rather quickly too. If you’re new to this technique or just looking for a way to shake up your multi-sensory strategies, try out S.O.S. Baseball! Grab it for free in my store!
(You may also enjoy this S.O.S. resource.)

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Thanks for stopping by today. Do you have a fun way to practice spelling strategies? I’d love to hear about them!



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  1. Would you use this for extra practice with a beginner using CVC words, or is this better for when you start long vowel variations and other more advanced spelling?

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