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I Just Finished My OG Training… Now What? Part One: Organizing Teacher Materials

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Have you just finished your OG training or you’re in the middle of a program? Then this series is for you!

I’ve spent the past month chatting with fellow Orton-Gillingham-trained teachers and compiled some tips for you to use right away. I’m going to break this up into several different posts as a series, so I don’t overwhelm anyone with too much information all at once.

Completing an Orton-Gillingham training program is not an easy undertaking. It’s a long process. You may have juggled teaching full-time with your OG practicum (as I did years ago when I trained), had a family to care for, or paid for it out of pocket. This may be happening while learning a highly effective approach to teaching children and adults how to read, which has a proven track record of success for over 75 years. You are to be commended! Passing on the legacy of Samuel Orton and Anna Gillingham’s work to future generations is not to be taken lightly. We hold a great responsibility. “Keeping the fidelity of the research,” as one teacher told me when I queried, is critical. You took a gigantic step toward helping children and adults learn how to read successfully. I applaud you!


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  1. Hi Emily,
    I am a binder girl and a hanging file girl but more binder. I wanted to share my organization for the OG compatible games I purchased from you. I found colored plastic subject dividers at Office Depot that have pockets on both sides. I laminated the game boards and put one on one side of the divider and put the game cards in a plastic envelope in the pocket on the other side. Everything is all together. Thanks a million times for all the materials you have made available. If I was younger I would definitely become OG certified but I am way too old and on a fixed income. However, I still have the passion for helping struggling readers I've always had so here I am doing my best to help kids. Thanks again!

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