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Hi everyone! Since I started The Literacy Nest over two years ago, I’ve received many thoughtful emails asking where to go to receive OG training. I thought I’d share my list with you today and the links you can go to learn more.

Some background on me: I trained in Project Read as my first exposure to multisensory teaching many years ago. A few years after that. I went to my first Orton-Gillingham training. It was a year long with a 100 hour supervised practicum in an IMSLEC accredited training program. I became a member of IDA as a Certified Dyslexia Practitioner, now called Structured Literacy Interventionist.

Later I was able to apply my coursework and practicum credits, complete some bridge work to fulfill requirements and join the Academy of Orton-Gillingham Practitioners and Educators at the Associate level.

In the last year, I have been working on my Certified level training with an additional 6 graduate credits and 200 practicum hours over a two year period.


Keep in mind NOT all OG trainings are alike or as comprehensive. Trainings and style can vary. I always recommend choosing a program that includes a practicum.  You will learn the approach and  methods inside and out by the time you complete one. I promise!

1. International Dyslexia Association– This is really your go to site for
all resources related to OG methods and programs. Consider a membership. They offer one for educators.

2. IMSE– This site offers workshops and week long trainings.

3. Susan Barton at Bright Solutions

4. Dyslexia Training : This looks like a viable option for online training if a program isn’t available in your area.

 5. The Academy of Orton-Gillingham Practitioners and Educators–  This is a very well respected training institute in New York. They offer training in various states. A practicum is required.

6. IMSLEC: The Institute of Multi-Sensory Structured Language Education Council offers accredited courses and programs by state.

7. Orton Gillingham Online Academy: This is a great online training option.

8. NEW! Brainspring Educator AcademyBrainspring Educator Academy helps teachers bring Orton-Gillingham based multisensory instruction to the classroom. Our nationally accredited Phonics First® (K-5) and Structures® (6-12 grade) curriculum helps transform struggling readers into skilled learners with an effective, fun, multisensory approach.

If you can’t find a training that offers a practicum in your state or country, then choose the program that fits your needs. I promise you. It is the best investment you’ll make in making a difference in a struggling reader’s life. Do you have further recommendations for training sites I may have missed? Please let me know so that I may update this post. Feel free to comment or ask questions in the comments below.

I would like to share an exciting opportunity for your own personal growth this summer. We have have teamed to create an online course that we know you’re going to love. NOT just for O.G. trained folks, Tutor Success Academy is an online, self paced course for ANYONE who is looking to start their own tutoring business or expand their existing tutoring business.

successful tutoring business


Topics include:
  • Creating offerings
  • Advertising
  • Marketing strategies
  • Money management
  • Systems to help your business run smoothly
  • Policies, handbooks and contracts
With each of the 8-week course modules, you’ll receive a workbook for mapping out your business strategies with weekly challenges, an online support in a private FB group hosted by Jill and me.
Does it sound like something you’d like to dive into this summer? Enroll in Tutor Success Academy!










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  1. Hi I am also a teacher. . I am retiring soon and wanted to go through this program. I was curious to know. Is it possible to make a living being an tutor of this program

  2. I am currently finishing up my training through the Dyslexia Training Institute….a great online opportunity & option. Amazing instructors and mentors!

  3. Farleigh Dickenson University in New Jersey offers a two year program. It consists of four courses and practicums. Grants/Scholarship applications are listed on their website.

  4. Hi, Lynn! It is absolutely possible to make a living being a tutor! I tutor full time and do not have any other income to supplement (from a partner or otherwise). I make a good income! I am OG trained and there is always a need for more tutors in this area. The link to the Tutor Success Academy above would be a great resource if you decide to pursue tutoring. Good luck!

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