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The Top Five Tips When Looking for An Online Reading Tutor



The Top Five Tips When Looking for An Online Reading Tutor
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Please welcome, Ann Mitchell from Learning, Literacy and Family to my blog today!
Do you have a child who struggles with reading? Is there constant resistance when you are trying to help? The only thing you wish is that you had a magic wand to make it all better for them. I understand I’ve been there.  Now that the holidays are coming to end and the new year has started. Let’s make a resolution together to help your child close the gap in reading.

Hi, my name is Ann Mitchell, I’m a wife, a parent, a Special Educator and a tutor/entrepreneur. I own Learning Literacy and Family which the home of Castle Rock Tutoring and The Online Reading Expert . Let me share with you the five of the most important tips in finding an online tutor.

Tip #1: Find A Specialized Tutor
  • When looking for an online tutor, you want to find one that specializes in the specific area that your child needs help.  These tutors have specifically spent a lot of time perfecting their craft and know how to teach to your child’s needs.
  • When you get a tutor that teaches a little bit of everything you run into the problem of them not knowing the little tricks to close the gap quickly.  They may be very good at helping with homework, but you want to hire someone that can get real results.
  • I have been teaching reading since 2008 and I am passionate about helping your child close the gap in this area. “We absolutely loved Ann and the patience she had with our son.”                                                             Norma S. – A parent and small business owner


Tip #2: Personality is Everything. 
  • Personality is everything.  Some people believe a teacher just needs to teach and that everything else will follow, but that is not true.  If your child does not like the tutor that they are going to work with, then you will not get the most out of your investment.  The whole point of finding an online tutor is to get results, but if personalities clash, then the tutoring becomes ineffective.
  • The great thing about finding the right online tutor for your child is that many online tutors have YouTube videos.  You can check out one of mine here. Ann Mitchell – Learning Literacy and Family
  •  Find one that you want your child to watch to see if this tutor would be a good fit for him or her.  That way your child is investing a little bit into this process in the beginning as well.
  • Some tutors are too bubbly for your child, while other tutors may be too serious.  You know your child best, so peek around the web.


Tip #3: Online Presence
  •  Look for an online tutor that has an online presence.  These tutors are the serious ones in the industry.  You should be able to find them on Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest, and Instagram.  Click and you will find my profiles for each of these. 
  • Be wary of tutors that you cannot find on social media.  The more information you can find about a tutor, the more trustworthy they are.  Why? Because they are not the kind of tutor that is going to disappear overnight.  These tutors have a vested interest in their business.
  • Also, the sites listed above are places where you can find reviews about their services.


“Ann helped our son go from below grade level to excelling above! She is always on time, very patient, and uses lots of different methods to help our son. We are very happy with her services and would recommend her to anyone who needs a tutor!”  Allysa – Parent
Tip #4: A Powerful Website
  • Does the tutor have a website?  Many tutors will advertise their services on other websites but haven’t invested their time into creating their own website where you can learn more about them.  Check to see if they have a Frequently Asked Questions Page, About Me Page, and a Blog.
  • Each of these areas will continue to help you learn if this is the right tutor for you.  On the home page, there should be something that connects you to the problem that your child is having.  If it is all about the qualifications of the tutor, you may find that they have a hard time connecting with kids and the specific problems that they are having.  However, if you look at the homepage and it feels like it is talking about the specific needs of your child, then you have a winner.
  • To see if my home page speaks to your child’s needs check it out here.
  •   Learning Literacy and Family


Tip #5:  Free Assessment or Consultation
  •  Start with a tutor that offers either a free assessment or consultation.  Having one of these opportunities allows you to get to know the tutor personally.  You have done a lot of research on the right tutor up to this point by checking out their social media presence, videos, and looking at their website.  Now it is time to take that next step.
  • See if the specific tutor you have been checking out has a free assessment or consultation.  You will be able to check out their work and see how dedicated this tutor is to your child.  Just having one conversation with the tutor will let you know if you have in fact found the right tutor for your child.
  • During this time with the tutor pay attention to 3 things.


      1.  Do they try to learn about your child’s specific interests and needs?
      2.  Do they have a way to track progress?
      3.  Does it seem like your child is responding well to the tutor?
      Sign up for a free assessment with Ann from Castle Rock Tutoring. Go to my website and fill out a contact form, and I will set up a time with you.  If you have found another tutor that will be a good fit for you during this process, then I am glad I was able to help.
If you have ever thought about learning more about becoming an online tutor yourself join our Facebook Group. It is a group that has individuals from all around the world. We share funny stories, ask questions, and provide support. I have been there for quite some time. I will continue to support others.
Listed here are several of the different groups that are available:


You can follow me and learn more about us at  Learning Literacy and Family Blog



The world of communication, learning, traveling and tutoring has exploded to an online platform!
This guest post has been written by Ann Mitchell is a wife, parent, Special Educator and a tutor/entrepreneur. She is the business owner of  Learning Literacy and Family which the home of Castle Rock Tutoring and The Online Reading Expert. Thank you, Ann for sharing your expertise!
Thanks for stopping by my blog today! 🙂



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