Twenty Six Things Moms of Dyslexic Children Want You To Know



You all know me as a certified dyslexia practitioner using the Orton-Gillingham approach, but first and foremost, I am a mom to four amazing children. (And, no. I don’t sleep very much.) Many might not know that my four children are my rainbow babies who came after four little precious angels and a very looong wait. Isn’t God so good all the time? He had a perfect plan for my husband and me. I know the trials men and women go through to become parents and it’s all worth it, but certainly not easy when you’re in the thick of it. So if you are one of those women, please know that I am saying an extra special prayer for you today.  My children mean the world to me and I am especially grateful to be entrusted to be their Mommy.

On this Mother’s Day, I have the pleasure of sharing twenty-six messages from amazingly dedicated women who fight for their babies every day. Why do they fight? They do it not only to help them become successful learners, but to create a quality of life that every person deserves. They want their the gifts, strengths and potential to shine through despite the struggles. I am deeply honored that these women took the time to answer my question about a week ago when I asked what moms of children with dyslexia do. You are going to LOVE what they said.

At The Literacy Nest, I strive to build a bridge between parents and educators, and to build long lasting connections. By spreading dyslexia awareness and information about resources that can help children who struggle with reading, I hope to bring everyone together to work towards a common goal: successful learners.

So I give you this post. It’s dedicated to all of you moms out there fighting the good fight to get what your kids deserve in order to succeed. You are truly supermoms!

Happy Mother’s Day! 

Moms of children with dyslexia are…


  1. Nicole: “My child’s biggest advocate and will go to the end of the earth to make sure she is happy and loves learning!”
  2. Wendy: “Will take on the big elephant one small step at a time. Will always remember you are your child’s biggest advocate. Will foster the positive despite the struggle. Will find pride in progress, not perfection.”
  3. Amber: “Are so inspired and proud of how strong and brave their child is while facing reading challenges in every part of their day.”
  4. Autumn: “Want their child’s gifts and intelligence to be seen and acknowledged.
  5. Maureen: “Will make finding the proper resources a full time job.”
  6. Chrissie: “Are always in awe of how funny, quirky and intelligent their child is despite not being able to decipher their handwriting!”
  7. Amy: “An expert on their children and a valuable asset/resource for schools.”
  8. Joan: “Will fight and cry and do and spend to help her child get the instruction that works!”
  9. Brandi: “Will always love their children no matter how terrible the handwriting is.”
  10. Gerri: “Will be amazed at what their child can accomplish!”
  11. Tammy: “Never stop believing in their future!”
  12. Soumella: “Are super moms who super love their super kids.”
  13. Amy: “Are their child’s champion!”
  14. Tina: “Never stops advocating for their child.”
  15. Bonnie: “Will never give up on their child.”
  16. Erin: “See the potential while advocating for the present.”
  17. Kim: “Understand the struggle…everyday.”
  18. Alejandra: “Celebrate every small accomplishment.”
  19. Erin: “Can do better research than the FBI.”
  20. Jane: “Will do whatever it takes.”
  21. Susan: “Resilient and patient.”
  22. Sparky Mama: “Fight hard to level the playing field. Never give up. Feel like they homeschool even if they don’t because they spend so much time teaching to make up for the slack in public education. Wish others understood how hard their child works to just barely make passing grades. Wish grades weren’t based on all the things that are difficult for dyslexics (organization, neatness in writing editing). Wish their child got an awards day for all the efforts, not the grades.”
  23. Vanessa: “Feel upset for our children and all dyslexics due to the lack of understanding of what dyslexia is and how it affects people. Advocating is exhausting. My daughter feels even more exhausted on a daily basis.”
  24. Molly: “Advocate”
  25. Hope: “Are superheroes.”
  26. Marisa: “Are warrior moms with undying advocacy for her children and often want to help others with dyslexia as well as building community awareness. Some begin a tutoring business and others go as far as to take political action to change policy that will benefit those with dyslexia.”

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