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The Top Ten Websites for Dyslexia Awareness




websites about dyslexia

Whether you are just beginning your journey to understand dyslexia or looking to find helpful reference tools to spread dyslexia awareness, you need a go-to list.

I’ve spoken with a lot of classroom teachers over the years who really WANT to learn about dyslexia, because guess why? Their professors never brought up dyslexia in any of their teacher training courses. And that is not their fault. It is a systemic problem with colleges and universities that needs serious change.

Searching online for well respected and informative sites about dyslexia can sometimes be a bit challenging. I’ve taken the searching and guesswork away for you in a website roundup.

The following list of websites is going to invaluable. If YOU…


  • Are a parent, share this list with a family member, friend or teacher
  • Are a teacher, share this list with an administrator, friend, parent or colleague
  • Are a school administrator, share this list with your staff or families
  • Are a tutor, share this with with families, colleagues, or local school administration
  1. International Dyslexia Association: The IDA is your go-to site for everything about dyslexia, professional development opportunities, conferences, and finding a directory of trained professionals to assist children with dyslexia. If you join as a member, they will mail you a fantastic magazine subscription that comes out several times a year.
  2. Dyslexia Help University of Michigan “Our goal is to help individuals with dyslexia, as well as parents, employers, and professionals of all kinds who have the privilege to work with dyslexics gain new understandings about dyslexia and language disability, including current research findings and how to design intervention contexts based on best practices.”  This site is extremely comprehensive. Be sure to check out the FAQs, as well as the Tools section.
  3. Understood This site is dedicated to spreading awareness about a variety of learning challenges, not just dyslexia. They host live chats with professionals and offer tons of practical tips for families. Be sure to check out their online simulations.
  4. Lexercise is a site which offers services, but I included it because it has a dyslexia screening test you may want to check out before you decide to proceed with any in-depth, formal testing conducted by a trained and experienced professional.
  5. The Yale Center for Dyslexia and Creativity You may or may not know the ground-breaking book, Overcoming Dyslexia was written by Yale professor, Dr. Sally Shaywitz. As Yale’s continued commitment to educating the families and educators about dyslexia, Yale has lots of fact sheets and well as updates on dyslexia legislation.
  6. The Reading Well offers information about reading programs and programs offered by state. The Parent Handbook is a wonderful tool you may purchase and download on the site.
  7. Bright Solutions For Dyslexia Susan Barton has created a site in addition to her program to provide information about dyslexia. There are a TON of free videos to watch on this site.
  8. The Shut-Down Learner Dr. Richard Selznick features videos, articles and an excellent podcast on learning issues, struggling readers, the screening testing process, and dyslexia advocacy. Be sure to listen to this one!
  9. The Dyslexic Advantage The mission of this site is, “to promote the positive identity, community and achievement of dyslexic people by focusing on their strengths.” This site publishes the latest researched articles and has a monthly newsletter for you to subscribe to, which I highly recommend.
  10. Dyslexia Training Institute DTI publishes helpful blog posts for educators and families. They offer a variety of professional development opportunities in online formats.
NOTE: In addition to sites which spread awareness, you may want a trusted source to familiarize yourself with special education law, advocacy and legislation in the U.S. I strongly encourage you to check out Wrightslaw for this purpose.
websites about dyslexia

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I hope you found this list helpful! Thank you for stopping by today!


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