10 Can’t-Miss Books About Adults with Dyslexia

As we know, dyslexia is not something you can outgrow. Children with dyslexia become adults with dyslexia. While remediation can decrease the reading gap, there are still certain challenges for adults with dyslexia. It can also provide some benefits. When undiagnosed, dyslexia is particularly damaging to self-esteem and self-concept.

Dyslexia in adults may cause slow reading, difficulties with spelling, confusion with similar words, and difficulty with public speaking. Adults with dyslexia may have difficulty advancing in careers when doing so requires testing or administrative work. People with dyslexia are more likely to drop out of school, work lower-paying jobs, and are more frequently unemployed. Dyslexia can take an emotional toll as people feel compelled to hide their learning difference from employers and coworkers.


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