Part Three: MORE Children’s Books About Dyslexia

children's books about dyslexia

October is Dyslexia Awareness month. Dyslexia Awareness Month has two big goals.

  • One is to educate people with the facts about dyslexia. What is dyslexia? How is it best remediated? What are the signs?
  • The other, and perhaps more important part of this campaign, is the social and emotional side of dyslexia. We strive to educate parents, communities, schools, teachers, and individuals with dyslexia about the feelings and social challenges that often accompany the diagnosis or the time before a diagnosis. It is important to educate classmates about differences and reduce stigma. Sadly, many students with dyslexia experience bullying or being treated as if they are stupid, despite often having above average intelligence and strong skills in specific areas. The way to stop the stigma is through education and these books do a great job in tackling the social/emotional side of what it means to be a student with dyslexia. 


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