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8 Great Children’s Books Featuring Phonics Concepts


Phonics is a fundamental building block in early literacy, helping children understand the relationship between letters and sounds. By mastering phonics, young readers can decode words more effectively, paving the way for fluent reading and strong comprehension skills. Using educational children’s books featuring phonics concepts is one of the most engaging ways to introduce and reinforce phonics concepts.

This list of children’s books featuring phonics concepts is designed to make learning to read a joyful experience. Each book incorporates a fun and interactive phonics principle, capturing young readers’ imagination while teaching them essential skills.

Here are Eight Books I Love to Use to Highlight Phonics Concepts

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Download our printable list of children’s books featuring phonics concepts.

1. Take Away the A by Michaël Escoffier

Take Away the A is a fun, imaginative romp through the alphabet. The idea behind the book is that within every language there are words that change and become a different word through the simple subtraction of a single letter.

2. May I Have a Word? by Caron Levis 

A battle of the magnet letters ensues across the refrigerator door in May I Have a Word? when C and K get into a fight about who gets to start the cooler (kooler?) words. When the two letters storm off in opposite directions, everything is turned upside down.

3. Q and U Call It Quits by Stef Wade

What happens when best friends Q and U quarrel? It’s a real quandary since they have always been quality friends—a true squad. But sometimes, U wants some time to herself—even though Q is lonely because he doesn’t always fit in with the other letters without her. When the rest of the alphabet notices the split, they decide they want to do the same. And utter chaos ensues!

4. The Very Helpful Floss Rule by Yvette Manns

The letters F, L, S, and Z are excited to build new words! After they grow weary of building CVC words, they go an adventure that teaches them about the FLOSS Rule. With the help of a special companion, they learn how to double their letters at the end of one-syllable words with a short vowel. This phonics tale is a great teaching aid for elementary students and literacy lovers, alike!

5. The Mighty Silent e! by Kimberlee Gard

With adorable illustrations, helpful examples, and a cute classroom setting, The Mighty Silent e teaches spelling and vowel sounds in a new, exciting way that is sure to engage and successfully teach even the most stubborn reader. And its message about how every child’s identity and diversity is valued through the clever story will encourage children to celebrate their unique contribution.

6. The Hardest Working Letter: The Many Jobs of Silent E by Erin Morrison

With playful illustrations depicting the Silent E in different jobs, this book is sure to both delight and teach growing readers! By explicitly teaching the jobs of the Silent E, we can let children in on the “secrets” of the English language rather than allowing logical reasoning to remain a mystery.

7. The Not-So-Lazy Schwa by Yvette Manns

This phonics tale is a great teaching aid for elementary students and literacy lovers, alike! This is best used with students who’ve learned vowel sounds and are being introduced to the schwa sound. This can be used before, during, or after your literacy lessons, or as a read-aloud before explaining the concept of a schwa.

8. Lexie the Word Wrangler by Rebecca Van Slyke

This fantastic spin on “cowboy” stories populates Lexie’s ranch with lively letters and words, alongside the typical cattle and horses, and stars a smart, confident, charismatic heroine. Rebecca Van Slyke’s creative, silly wordplay pairs perfectly with Jessie Hartland’s lively illustrations, and there’s even a glossary of helpful terms for up-and-coming word wranglers.

Dive into these delightful books with your students and watch as their confidence and proficiency in reading grow.

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