The Top 5 Reasons You Should Start Your Own Tutoring Business


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Top 5 Reasons You Should Start Your Own Tutoring Business

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to run your own tutoring business? Maybe you’ve left the classroom to start a family or retire, or you think it’d be great to have some extra income in the afternoons or over the summer while teaching. After being in the classroom for 13 years, I lept into starting my own tutoring business full-time, and I haven’t looked back!

So why should you consider starting a tutoring business of your own?
1.    You make a tremendous impact on a child’s learning by tailoring lessons to be exactly what that student needs.
When I was teaching, there were so many kids who I just knew could just soar if they had some individualized instruction that perfectly met their needs. I had the training and the skill, but in my last 2 years I had 90+ students for 50 minutes a day…there was only so much I could do! With tutoring, you get to personalize every part of instruction to give help your students make the most progress possible.
2.            As a tutor, you get to build an even closer relationships with families and their children.
I have always had great relationships with students and their families as a classroom teacher, but a special kind of magic happens when you get to see them one-on-one. It’s almost like you become a part of the family! You get to witness that child’s growth undistracted by anything else, and you get to be a part of siblings’ and parents’ accomplishments as well. Parents also feel more comfortable coming to you with concerns because they see you often and get to know you on a more personal level. You are truly a part of the team. 🙂
3.            You get to focus on teaching what you do best!
I don’t know about you, but I remember the dreaded end-of-the-year pit in my   stomach when teaching assignments would change. Even though my teaching certificate said I could teach 5th grade math didn’t mean I would be any good at it when all of my expertise was in early childhood literacy! Yet, I would see teachers get moved and wonder if I would be next. As a tutor, I get to decide what subjects I tutor, what methods I use, and which materials would be the best! I know which areas I excel at (and the ones I have had advanced training in), and I get to focus on using my strengths to make a change in children’s lives. If I were teaching science, social studies or math, I’m honest enough with myself to know I would just be one step ahead of the students. Now, I get to offer the best of me to bring the best out in my students!
4.            Opportunities to earn extra income are pretty great!
Whether you are tutoring as a part-time income or as your full source of income (like me), it is pretty awesome to be in charge of the money you earn! You get to decide how much to charge and how often you work, rather than getting a part-time job making an “okay enough” side wage. Plus, once you have a business lots of expenses are tax-deductible, and you get deductions for the mileage you drive to and from tutoring sessions. It’s a great way to “stretch” your tutoring income! You can also get creative by offering groups and classes (such as a summer writing club), which helps you earn more and makes the investment more affordable for parents. Since it’s your tutoring business, you get to tweak things and try new things out as needed. It’s an exciting way to earn an income!
5.            Flexible schedule and freedom…they’re the best!
This is one of my favorite parts of owning a tutoring business! By flexibility, I don’t mean hopping all over the world at a moment’s notice (though your could if you were an online tutor). I’m talking about creating a schedule that works for YOU and your life. I’m not much of a morning person, so two days a week I go in after lunch, and I don’t tutor at all on Fridays. I love that I can do my lesson planning and business tasks from home at any time I choose, and I can create a tutoring schedule around my life. What is important to you? Maybe you want to tutor during the school day, or only part-time, so you can spend more time with your family. Perhaps you homeschool and only want to tutor in the afternoons. Some tutors would rather have two long days of sessions and then not tutor on the other days, and some like to tutor on the weekends. Can you imagine what an ideal “work” schedule would be like? What would that look like for you?
Starting a tutoring business has been one of the best decisions I have ever made, and if it sounds like something you might be interested in, I hope you take a chance and go for it!
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About today’s guest blogger:

My name is Jill Kohlenberg, and 6 years ago I founded Literacy Journeys, a tutoring company in Asheville, NC that focuses on Orton-Gillingham and Academic tutoring, classes for homeschoolers, and parent support. What started out as a way to work with kids “on the side” turned into my new career because I found out I absolutely LOVED it! You can learn more about Literacy Journeys at





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