Welcome to my new blog!


Welcome to my new blog! I wanted to take the opportunity to give you a tour of the new features!
1. Here’s the navigation bar. It will direct you to my Facebook page and my
Teachers Pay Teachers Store.


2. These buttons take you to my Facebook page, Twitter page, Bloglovin page,
Pinterest boards, RSS feed, and email.
Click on the owl beneath it to read my newsletters!
Beneath the newsletters is a search bar for previous blog posts.


3. I’ve kept all my Reading Rocket widgets up for you.
They have fabulous resources for parents and educators updated daily.
4. Here’s my Teachers Pay Teachers widget, which will direct you to my store. Beneath it is my blog button to paste onto your own blog if you follow me.

I’ll be reposting a few of my posts from my old blog, Tiny Victories. I invite you to please follow my blog on Bloglovin. It’s a really easy way to follow blogs in a simple and organized way.
Thank you for all your support as I’ve made this transition!




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