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How To Incorporate Movement Into Orton-Gillingham Lessons

Everyone needs movement in their life, am I right? For me personally, I love my Zumba classes or just dancing with my kids in the kitchen. Kids need to MOVE. Brain breaks have become increasingly important in classrooms as we have even more demands. I’m finding as a dyslexia practitioner using the Orton-Gillingham approach in…

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Seven Things Parents Would Like Their Child’s Pediatrician To Know About Dyslexia

Seven things parents would like their child’s pediatrician to understand about dyslexia You trust your pediatrician with your child and for most things, they are the best resource. They can tell you if your child is growing well, if their diet is healthy, and they are there when injuries or accidents occur. Sometimes, however, there…

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What’s In My Orton-Gillingham File Folder?

          (This post uses affiliate links.)   Hi everyone! I’m back with some tips for using Orton-Gillingham materials. You’ve made a big investment and want to implement them well. You may notice that the volume of printable materials needed really does a number on your ink supply. Or perhaps there are…

I Just Finished My OG Training… Now What? Part One: Organizing Teacher Materials
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I Just Finished My OG Training… Now What? Part One: Organizing Teacher Materials

This post about organizing teacher materials contains affiliate links. Have you just finished your OG training or you’re in the middle of a program? Then this series is for you! I’ve spent the past month chatting with fellow Orton-Gillingham-trained teachers and compiled some tips for you to use right away. I’m going to break this…