10/18/13 Five For Friday With The Third Friday Freebie!




Welcome to my Five For Friday blog post everyone! How was this week for you? Many teachers I know are gearing up for parent/teacher conferences. I just started with two brand new OG students this week, which is so exciting to me. We’re rolling up our sleeves and getting right down to business. Let me wrap up the week for you.
 Coming Soon: Super Sleuth Blog Hop!
How excited are you about this upcoming blog hop? If you don’t know about it yet, it’s October 25-27. I think it’s the perfect time. You don’t have to think about holiday shopping…yet. Just read and learn from some amazing strategies from 28 Reading Specialists and Literacy coaches, grab some awesome freebies, and then enter to win a really big prize. You may be a first timer like me. Not to worry, the directions will be very clear, and all 28 of us bloggers will be guiding you through it. Please spread the word to friends. Thank you!
 Facebook Frenzy coming up!
Just before the craziness of the holiday season really starts to stress you out, (I just read there are 10 more Saturdays until Christmas…yikes!) I’m teaming up with a fantastic group for a Facebook Frenzy on November 7-10. You’ll be able to grab lots of classroom freebies during this frenzy all by visiting Facebook pages. More details to follow!
 My BIG sale this weekend!
Thanks to a wonderful group of parents and educators, my Facebook page has hit over 1,400 likes! I’m thrilled to share a wide range of literacy and dyslexia resources with all of you, via social media. As a HUGE thank you, please go to my Teachers Pay Teachers this weekend, Saturday October 19 and Sunday October 20, and receive 20% off everything you purchase in my store. I’ve added several new products over the past few weeks, so be sure to take advantage of this special sale!

Cute Read Aloud!

Have you seen this picture book Boy + Bot by Ame Dyckman? It’s an adorable story of a boy that meets a robot. They instantly become friends. We are real fans of this one in our house. I was thinking that it would make a great little reader’s theater script. The roles could be narrator, Boy, Bot, and Inventor. The voice of Bot would need a super robotic voice! Check it out!


I seriously could have used this game about 3 days ago as a review game. The old one I had was a wreck. So here’s a new and improved version. It’s my third Friday Freebie in honor of Dyslexia Awareness Month. It’s my little gift to all of you, and my fellow OGers out there!
It’s a great game to practice building words with blends. Grab it along with my other two Friday Freebies, because they will be paid items starting November 1st. Would you please do me a big favor? Leave a rating and/or feedback right after you download it. It’s greatly appreciated!!
Here’s the link:
We’ll be raking a ton of leaves this weekend. Whatever you do, be sure to stop by my TPT store for my sale. Enjoy your weekend with family and friends!



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