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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Hi everyone! I am dedicating the entire contents of this post to those who have purchased The Complete O.G. Part One or The Complete O.G. Part Two. Why do I need an entire blog post? I am keeping a running list of updates and revisions I make here. I will list the dates of when things are changed or added along with the names of new resources. I recommend checking it monthly.

If you haven't read my post on organizing The Complete O.G., I highly recommend it. Click here. If you have any questions, requests or concerns, please email me at Thank you!

Revisions and Updates for The Complete O.G. Part One 
(as of July, 2016)
1. Revisions coming end of August/Early September, 2016
2. Revisions made to OG Readers Bundle on 2-6-17: Levels 1 and 2 have been revised. Levels 3-5 will be undergoing revision in February, 2017. Be sure to download and save the latest versions. 
3. Revisions to the entire OG Readers Bundle levels 1-5 were made in February, 2017.  3/26/17: Revision made to the -NG pack. I added an answer key to the CVC review pack for the CVC bundle. 

Revisions and Updates for The Complete O.G. Part Two 
(as of July, 2016)
1. 7/27/16: The Complete O.G. Part Two was uploaded to TpT.
2. 8/2/16: The completed O.G. Leveled Placement Bundle was uploaded. 
3. 8/4/16: Slight corrections in teacher notes on pages 4 and 5 on all packs in the Leveled Placement   Bundle. Added IND, ILD, OLD, OST Phonics Pack.
4. 8/10/16: Added: O.G. Editable Words and Sentences Levels 1-5. 
5. 8/13/16: Added: IGH Phonics Pack 
6. 8/18/16: Added- Variant Vowels: OO Sounds Pack
7. 9/8/16: Added- Alphabet Lapbooks, EY Pack 
8. 9/18/16: Added- IE Pack 
9. 9/29/16: VERSION 8- Added- OU pack and AU/AW pack. 
10. 10/20/16: VERSION 9- Added- EW pack, EI pack, and UI pack. 
11. 10/29/31 VERSION 10 Added- EIGH pack
12. 11/15/16 VERSION 11 Added- -ge/dge pack and Schwa A pack
13. 11/24/15 VERSION 12 Added- ALL Word Family and PH Digraph
14. 12/28/16 VERSIONS 13 and  14: Added Hard and Soft C and G, C+LE
15. 1/21/17 VERSION 15: New spinner game directions for the following phonics packs: ei/eigh, ge/dge, ou, ui; NEWLY: ADDED: AN/AM word family, Common Prefixes, Common Suffixes
17. 2/6/17 VERSION 17: I have revised the completion schedule in a way that is inclusive for more products, and is more manageable for me. Thank you for your understanding.  
18: 2/11/17 VERSION 18: Common Suffixes pack: Revision on page 5. Please see the new completion schedule which was changed on version 17, 2/6/17. Thank you!
19: 2/26/17 VERSION 19: Common Suffixes revision on page 20. Alphabet Lapbooks: Revisions for letter J and P. Added: Greek and Latin Roots. Be sure to read the updated completion schedule.
20: 2/27/17 VERSION 20: Common Prefixes-revisions on pages 17 and 21.
21: 3/26/17 COG PART 2 VERSION 21: Added the VRe pack and Spelling Generalization Decodable passages

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  2. Hi Emily! Can you please explain how bundle 1 and 2 are different? I already have bundle 1 and want to be sure it is not an overlap of information :)


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