We all love books and reading, especially literacy specialists and dyslexia advocates! In these posts, we’re talking about audiobooks, children’s books, picture books, and novels! Books and reading can help to build phonological awareness, phonemic awareness, morphology, and more!



6 More Picture Books (Plus some sequels) for Building Phonological Awareness

    Not too long ago, I shared 6 of my favorite read aloud books to promote phonological awareness. I promised that there would be even more to come. Here they are! Not only are these great books for building phonemic awareness, but several of them have sequels that have similar structures and can be…


The Top 6 Picture Books For Building Phonological Awareness

The Top 6 Picture Books For Building Phonological Awareness  (This post contains affiliate links.) building phonological awareness can happen anywhere at anytime. We know that beneath the umbrella term, phonological awareness, phonemic awareness is the most important skill to work on for early reading success. Struggling readers may have poor phonological awareness; therefore, it is…