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Friday Foundations: Orton-Gillingham Lesson Planning Tips

Hi everyone! Welcome to my first Friday Foundations post! Every Friday, I am dedicating a special post to all my OG instructors with helpful tips for you and  your students. I hope you find it informative, practical and take away a little something you can use right away. 🙂 Let’s talk lesson planning. When I was training to…

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Using the S.O.S. Strategy

Hi everyone! Today I’m going to talk about a multi-sensory spelling strategy called S.O.S. The S.O.S. (Simultaneous Oral Spelling) strategy is a commonly used technique used as one way to help improve a dyslexic reader’s ability to spell. It has been researched that by using a multi-sensory approach to practice spelling, the dyslexic learner would have build better phonological awareness, which is a huge weakness. S.O.S. uses visual, auditory and…