Tips For Parents

Parents, we know it’s hard to watch your child struggle to read and write. Here, we’ll share literacy tips for parents, early literacy tips for parents, literacy tips for preschool parents, and much much more! Your child can succeed in reading and we can help.


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Top Five Tips For Communicating With Families of Children With Dyslexia

      The Top Five Tips For Communicating With Families of Children With Dyslexia Imagine you are a parent who has a meeting with her child’s teacher. Arriving at the school, she arrives in the office five minutes early for the appointment. The secretary directs her to sign in and take a seat. Suddenly,…


“The only award I’ll ever get is perfect attendance, and I even messed that up.” Why Recognition Really DOES Matter

  You might have noticed or read a few stories in the news about offensive awards given out to students with learning challenges lately. A trophy was actually handed out in an assembly to a middle schooler with ADHD that was labeled, “Least likely to pay attention.” The teachers responsible for curating the so-called “award”…

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Seven Things Parents Would Like Their Child’s Pediatrician To Know About Dyslexia

Seven things parents would like their child’s pediatrician to understand about dyslexia You trust your pediatrician with your child and for most things, they are the best resource. They can tell you if your child is growing well, if their diet is healthy, and they are there when injuries or accidents occur. Sometimes, however, there…

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5 Steps You Should Take to Help Your Dyslexic Child Thrive

(This post contains affiliate links.)    Hello everyone! As a teacher working with children with dyslexia, I grow a special bond with each child I work with as the years pass. It’s a unique relationship when you use the Orton-Gillingham approach. I learn a great deal about each child through the teacher lens, but it’s…