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Orton-Gillingham In Small Groups? Yes, You Can!

Do you find yourself scratching your head when thinking about how the heck to run an Orton-Gillingham lesson plan in small groups during a typical school week? Common problems which may arise: Timing could be off. You might only have a session about 30 minutes a day or a few days a week. A typical […]


Building an Understanding of Homophones

    Building an Understanding of Homophones   Soon after introducing the first vowel teams, the need to discuss homophones rears its head. This can be challenging for struggling readers during Orton-Gillingham lesson plans, and especially for ELLs, or English Language Learners. Homonyms and homophones are frequently confused and the words used interchangeably, but there […]


Tips For Error Correction During Orton-Gillingham Lessons

Part of being a successful Orton-Gillingham teacher or tutor means being prescriptive. This means you tailor your Orton-Gillingham lesson plans to meet the specific needs of your struggling readers. Just as important as being prescriptive is being diagnostic. This means that based on a student’s performance within a particular task, you are able to make […]

The Key To Building Robust Vocabulary Instruction

This post contains a referral link and affiliate link. We know that part of becoming a successful reader and writer is building and utilizing a rich vocabulary. Parents can begin helping their children do just that starting when they are babies. Reading, singing and talking every single day to your little ones will lay the […]