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How to Explain Multisensory Instruction to Families

When you’re the parent of a child with a diagnosis like dyslexia can be overwhelming. Relief over finally having answers and a plan for helping your child can swiftly turn to a feeling of being unprepared. Parents find themselves faced with an abundance of new information, unfamiliar terms in both legalese and “teacherese” and overwhelming…

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8 Websites to Find Summer Reading Ideas For Struggling Readers

In a typical summer, I might be writing to you about the dangers of the “summer slide”.  The summer slide is a term used to describe the learning loss that occurs during the summer vacation. Struggling students are particularly at risk for losing ground in their quest to become a fluent reader. The statistics are…

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How to Keep Active Students Engaged During Distance Learning Sessions

During these challenging times, you may be adjusting to distance learning. You may be learning how to teach virtually and communicate through a technological intermediary. In addition to the learning curve, there are additional factors that make online learning challenging for you and your students. The increased screen time for many children can be overstimulating….

How To Keep Your Orton-Gillingham Lessons Multisensory When Tutoring Online
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How To Keep Your Orton-Gillingham Lessons Multisensory When Tutoring Online

Multisensory teaching is a key element of instruction for students with dyslexia. Orton Gillingham has become synonymous with multisensory instruction, but let’s review what multisensory actually means. Multisensory teaching engages multiple senses for the student to support their learning. Ideally, this would involve the senses of sight, hearing and touch or movement. When I am…

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Practical Tips for Orton-Gillingham Lessons When Tutoring Online

We are certainly living in challenging times right now. For our students with dyslexia, the specialized instruction they get through Orton-Gillingham lessons is extra important. Many students may not be getting the literacy support throughout their day that they would in a school setting. With a little creativity and flexibility, it is possible to deliver…