Sharing A Love of Patricia Polacco: For The Love Of Autumn


Happy Friday TRT/OG friends! I hope you enjoyed Mentor Monday this week. We had some wonderful book suggestions. At the end of that post, I spoke of a very special project pulled together by some talented teacher bloggers. Lessons From The Heart is an exclusive ebook created for the month of February,  and it can be all yours! Collectively, we teachers were so impressed by the variety of freebies we wanted to each highlight someone else’s product.

Today, I’m sharing my dear friend Carla’s freebie from Comprehension Connection. Do you love Patricia Polacco? Do you love using her books in your class? I think I hear a resounding YES out in the audience! Carla created a book unit for Polacco’s book, For The Love of Autumn, which you’ll find on page 6 of the ebook. I know you’ll want to check it out the minute you finish reading this post. 🙂

Geared grades 4 and 5, this useful collection of literacy activities will give your students valuable practice with cause and effect, vocabulary, reader’s response and QAR. Check out this page from Carla’s freebie. I love how she explains QAR so effectively. I’ve used this strategy for many years with my third graders. It really empowers them as readers and test takers once they know how to use it.

I hope you’ll all take some time to download Lessons From The Heart ebook today. You’ll find a 6 traits poetry freebie in there from yours truly on page 13 of the ebook! I’d love to hear what you think of the ebook, so please take some time to leave a comment for me or for Carla on her blog, Comprehension Connection. Have a great weekend and see you back here in a few days for Mentor Monday!


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  1. Thanks so much Emily! I hope you all will love this unit. I got this book set from Scholastic last year, and I'm so glad I did. It's a sweet story of a Danielle's lost cat, Autumn. Any pet owner would relate to her feelings, and my students really enjoyed it. I loved Emily's poetry pack too. We've hit the Six Traits hard this year, and her poems have a different trait focus for each. Loved it! Have a great weekend!

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