The First Annual Holiday Cookie Swap Linky Party!


Greetings and Happy Holidays from The Reading Tutor/OG! I was looking on Pinterest the other day at cookie ideas, and I thought of a great idea to share with all of my new teacher blogger friends. Let’s do a Cookie Swap Linky Party! My Mom and I always have a marathon cookie baking session every year. We usually stick to traditional recipes like gingerbread and shortbread cookies. But we have family favorites like peanut butter balls, holly cookies, and a Greek recipe, (I’m part Greek) called Kourabeithes. They’re a delicious shortbread style cookie, with a clove inside. Then you roll them in powdered sugar. This past August, our family lost our beloved Grandma, Mary Kakos. She was famous for her date-filled cookies. I’ll be trying my best to recreate her recipe this year to keep her tradition going and her memory alive too. Now I’m ready to share with all of you!

Here’s the deal with this cookie swap. I’ll try to make it super easy for you.

  1. Use the link below to a google doc I created with a recipe card file. I have two different styles for you to choose from.  Two pages are included for each, because you may want to insert a photo of the finished product for us to see. I am a huge cookbook collector, and any book that has full color photos of recipes really helps me out. 
  2. Once you have your recipe typed up onto the cards, save it, and upload it onto a new post on your blog. Please add a little background in your post about your recipe, so we can learn more about you. :))
  3. Please name your post First Annual Holiday Cookie Swap Linky Party, so it will be easily recognizable to all our followers out there.
  4. If you hate to bake, DO NOT WORRY! Feel free to find a recipe online or one from a friend or family member that bakes that you love.
  5. Please share this linky party with other teacher blogger friends out there. The more the merrier!

Thank you everyone. I’ll be adding my recipe soon. I can’t wait to read all your posts, and find some delicious new recipes!

Link to recipe cards:



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  1. I love this linky party too!! Like Kay—I am so looking forward to coming back and getting all of the yummy recipes!! Oh and I am your newest follower! I love meeting fellow reading interventionists!! Yay!!

    Thanks again,
    Mind Sparks

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