Long Weekend 5 For Friday…And October Friday Freebie #2!


Welcome back TRT/OG friends! This week has been a week of firsts. Anyone else trying something new? I love the excitement and the challenge. It’s highly motivating for me.
 I’ll wrap this week up for you with lots of information you don’t want to miss. Here we GOOOOO!

First, I have two brand new walkers in my house…yikes! Commence even more baby-proofing! I was also a guest blogger on Comprehension Connection this past Wednesday. (In between installing even more safety latches BTW!) I wrote about applying multisensory strategies in the classroom from an OG perspective., and Carla wrote about 6 traits writing on my blog.  If you haven’t had a chance to see my post on Carla’s blog, here’s the link:


You may have noticed my Facebook cover has a super new background! It’s to let you know that I’m teaming up with 27 other reading specialist bloggers for the Super Sleuth Blog Hop! There will be tons of freebies and a BIG giveaway too. Make sure to mark your calendars for October 25-27. I will be offering a brand new 10 page unit that I created on story elements for the mystery genre, with a focus on vocabulary strategies. This will normally be a paid product in my TPT store; BUT, it will be FREE the whole weekend of the Blog Hop!


Have you had a chance to read my October newsletter yet? It highlights helpful information about dyslexia in honor of Dyslexia Awareness Month. Just click the owl on the right sidebar and you’ll be directed to my newsletters. I had a very special guest writer this month. Lauren, from Teacher Mom of Three, share helpful fluency strategies. Thanks again Lauren!


This week I posted a newly created product featuring 7 of my favorite tried and true graphic organizers to use with any Non-Fiction text. It’s called Owl-Ways Thinking. The ABC summarizer is my own twist on Alphaboxes. I’ve used it to jot down important words as we read, but THEN we used the organizer to write a summary. The challenge is to use as many words as you can from the organizer in your summary. My students loved it, and I even incorporated it into our Social Studies Interactive Notebook nicely. A summary scaffold is included in this pack. Each organizer also comes with a short lesson plan and a few tips from me. Here’s a little preview and the link:


And now…For my second Friday freebie for October! Woot! Woot! This week I created a BINGO game for counting syllables, using October themed words. I loved creating it so much, I’m going to do one for each month. Don’t forget about last week’s freebie too. It’s a word sort with word families -ind, -ild, -old, and -ost. It’s great for stations, a small group activity, and for all you OGers out there. These freebies will only be free in October, so please take advantage.  Here’s a peek and the link:

Note: A list of October themed words is included in this freebie.

** I really appreciate it when you leave a rating and/or feedback for each product you download for free or purchase from my store. Plus, you earn credits on TPT when you do. That’s a win/win for everybody.

We have a long weekend here, so hopefully the weather will cooperate. Enjoy yours with family and friends!


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