Seven Tips for Success When Starting with New Orton-Gillingham Students
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Seven Tips for Success When Starting with New Orton-Gillingham Students

 7 Tips for Getting Off to a Great Start with a New Student When parents come to me seeking help for their child, very often it is the child’s emotional well-being that has been the final catalyst to seek tutoring. Struggling readers often begin to think of themselves as “stupid” and their overall self-confidence and…


Tips For Error Correction During Orton-Gillingham Lessons

Part of being a successful Orton-Gillingham teacher or tutor means being prescriptive. This means you tailor your Orton-Gillingham lesson plans to meet the specific needs of your struggling readers. Just as important as being prescriptive is being diagnostic. This means that based on a student’s performance within a particular task, you are able to make…

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How To Run A Successful Dyslexia Pilot Program

    Last Spring, I received an email from Mindy Bramer, an educational consultant for PaTTAN, (Pennsylvania Training and Technical Assistance Network). The state of Pennsylvania had just become one of the first states to initiate a ground-breaking, dyslexia pilot program that was backed by state legislation.    “Act 69 of 2014, the Dyslexia and Early…

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Seven Things Parents Would Like Their Child’s Pediatrician To Know About Dyslexia

Seven things parents would like their child’s pediatrician to understand about dyslexia You trust your pediatrician with your child and for most things, they are the best resource. They can tell you if your child is growing well, if their diet is healthy, and they are there when injuries or accidents occur. Sometimes, however, there…

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5 Steps You Should Take to Help Your Dyslexic Child Thrive

(This post contains affiliate links.)    Hello everyone! As a teacher working with children with dyslexia, I grow a special bond with each child I work with as the years pass. It’s a unique relationship when you use the Orton-Gillingham approach. I learn a great deal about each child through the teacher lens, but it’s…