5 Digital Tools for Teaching Morphology


The Literacy Nest has talked a lot about the value and importance of beginning morphology instruction early, as well as some great techniques and tools for doing so. However, as students become more advanced, sometimes we need to move beyond those basic tools to digital morphology tools to gain a better understanding of the stories that words contain.

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These are some of my favorite digital morphology tools to use with students:

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1. Etymonline.com

This website should be kept on speed dial. I find that I reference it often when students have questions about related words or word origins. It is priceless for when they ask a question I simply don’t know the answer to. The whys can often be addressed by looking at the history of the word.

2. Mini Matrix-maker

This online tool allows you to make small word matrices with or for students. This customizable tool allows you to work within the child’s known morphemes. It creates a visual representation not just of how words are put together but their relationships.

3. Membean Word Parts

This site is quite a gem. Although it is a subscription service, there is much that you can access for free. The interactive list of roots includes roots that are marked as common and those marked with a speaker. The speaker indicates that there is a “rootcast” for this word element. A rootcast is a delightful explanation of the word part and its meaning with numerous examples of related words used in context. These brief audio recordings also include a transcript and are written with humor and lightheartedness to make morphology engaging.

4. The Literacy Nest Interactive Digital Games

For review, reinforcement, or independent practice, these games from The Literacy Nest are a fun and powerful learning tool. Played in Google Slides, they are self-checking and include a tutorial, answer key, and recording sheet. There are 3 games so far, but more are on the way.

You can find all of The Literacy Nest’s interactive, digital games, here!

5. The Literacy Nest Boom Decks

These boom decks are a great opportunity for review, reinforcement, and independent practice. Includes opportunities for reading, writing, and keyboarding practice. More decks are being added.

Grab these Boom Cards, here!

Dig even deeper into morphology with these Children’s Books About The History of The English Language.

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