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Welcome! One year ago today, a group of teacher-bloggers launched the website Adventures in Literacy Land to share tips and tools for effective literacy instruction. 
In honor of reaching our first full year of blogging together we are hosting a Winter Wonders Blog Hop and Birthday Celebration. Join us, if you will, to read a short post by each author, download a free literacy resource, and enter a raffle for a chance to win a Barnes and Nobles gift certificate.

We’ve had so many exciting posts, filled with useful strategies and tips to make your literacy time more effective. Which post has stood out in your mind over the past year?

Today I’m sharing fluency tips. I love using choral reads and poetry together as a fluency builder and really helps to boost reading confidence.

Some of the benefits of choral reading include:
  • “It can provide less skilled readers the opportunity to practice and receive support before being required to read on their own.
  • It provides a model for fluent reading as students listen.
  • It helps improve the ability to read sight words.”
Source: Reading Rockets
Read more about its benefits and tips in an article from Reading Rockets.

The key to using poetry in a choral read is finding the right poems. Using poetry that has coded text (highlighted, underlined, different color font, italicized) can be one way. If you’re looking for ideas for books check out this collage of books I’ve used with my own students over the years. The text in each book has been clearly coded for young readers, so they can easily decide who will read which part.

I’ve created a winter poetry pack for poems for 2-3 voices for you to practice choral reading.
 It is a collection of original poetry, written in the voice of snowflakes. I code my poetry by color coding it in black and red. Your students will love fluency practice with these fun poems!
This resource will be free in my store during the blog hop, only.
 If you choose to download it, please take a minute to leave feedback and follow my store.
You’ll be able to leave feedback after you download it.
 (You may have to refresh the page on your browser, too.)
Click here to download my Winter Poetry Set! Thank you in advance for your feedback. 🙂
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  1. Giveaway comment about products I would like in the future: comprehension strategies and any other of your resources but with UK/ Canadian/ Australian and rest of world spelling (mainly. s instead of z) as there are millions of non US teachers that follow you all and use TPT but most of the posters and activities have US spelling (favourite and colour are also words used so much but not spelled for non US teachers). Thanks!

  2. Choral reading has so many benefits for developing readers. My students will often choose reading poetry over a reading a story since it seems less intimidating to them. The rhythm and rhyme of many poems offer a bit of scaffolding for reluctant readers as well. Thanks for sharing an excellent resource!
    Read With Me ABC

  3. Hi there,
    love your blog! my daughter who is 6 was just diagnosed with dyslexia. I was wondering if the underlined posts on your sidebar are supposed to have links? i tried clicking on struggling readers but nothing happened.
    thank you for so many great posts 🙂

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