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I linked up with The Reading Writing Redhead to share what I’m most thankful for this year! Here’s a few thoughts that come into my mind right away. Happy Thanksgiving!
And of course I’m so thankful for all of you! Here’s a link to a freebie in my store!
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  1. Wendy Arentz
    Wendy Arentz says:

    I am thankful for you! I enjoy my Literacy Land buddies. 🙂

    We have many similar items on our lists…family, friends, health, and the teacher/blogging community.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family (and Peaches). Can't wait for his/her official arrival!

    Read With Me ABC

  2. Carla
    Carla says:

    I loved reading your list, Emily, and I can't wait to hear of Peaches' arrival in a few months. It's been so much fun connecting up with such wonderful reading buddies. I can't wait to see what all we put together in the coming year. I am thankful to have met you through blog land, and I really appreciate your expertise in the field of reading with your OG experience. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
    Comprehension Connection

  3. emily3
    emily3 says:

    Thank you Wendy! I'm so thankful to have met you! You're so sweet to mention Peaches too! We feel incredibly blessed to have our growing family. Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. emily3
    emily3 says:

    Thanks Carla! I've been so thankful to me you and learn from you too! You're one of my fearless cyber mentors! This upcoming year is going to be a whirlwind of amazing events. I'm looking forward to sharing them with you! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!


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