R-Controlled Vowels Decodable Passages



Do your students need decoding practice with r-controlled vowels? These R-Controlled Vowels Decodable Phonics Passages were written to help your students learn how to decode r-controlled syllables with confidence.

Your beginning readers will love practicing decoding r-controlled syllables with these decodable passages!

I totally get that your students need more varied practice with r-controlled vowels and these decodable passages really help them build mastery. That’s why every r-controlled vowel contains 3 different passages. As you use a systematic and explicit phonics approach, these are the perfect tool, especially for your reading intervention students who truly benefit from more exposures and practice.  

These passages are NOT overwhelming. The 18 short decodable passages will get your students on the road to decode with accuracy. 

Please see the previews included. Both PDF and Google Slides versions are included. 


Will these work with Orton-Gillingham lesson plans?
Yes! Your students will need to have the consonants taught, but not digraphs in order to read these passages.

Is there a bundle?
Yes! The Just Decodables Bundle is a cost effective option.

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