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Have you wanted to display an Orton Gillingham sound wall in your classroom or tutoring space but have NO wall space? You want to show and teach the phonemes and graphemes in a visual display that will help your students as well as show them the mouth formations. This is especially helpful for reading intervention and Orton-Gillingham lesson plans. I had the SAME problem, until I created this portable sound wall display.

It can be challenging to display a large sound wall if you have a small office like me, so I’ve designed one that can easily sit on a table, desk or easel. All you will need is one large tri-fold presentation board, a laminator and some Velcro dots. Follow the instructions I’ve included in this resource.

Please be sure to…

NOTE: This display will take time to prepare; however, it is one initial set up and then you are done.

UPDATED 11/15/21 CUSTOMER REQUEST: I’ve added student folder version and a digital version in Google Slides to this resource.

You’ll notice 4 things about the sound cards:
1. There are SEVERAL different choices of displays for earlier readers to more developed readers. I’ve also included a few different choices for key word photos. For example: /e/ has Ed or edge. /i/ has itch or igloo. /x/ has box or fox.
**Choose the cards that work best for you and your students.

2. They are all 3 inches by 3 inches, which is the same size as a standard 3×3 sticky note. The header cards are a bit larger.

3. All categories are colored coded with a color border.

4. The sound wall cards have teacher reference on the backs. Therefore, as you prep, you will want to cut and glue the colored border cards to the teacher reference sides BEFORE you laminate them. After that, affix Velcro dots on the backs. That way, you can easily remove a card from your portable display and stick it to one end of a paint stick. This is helpful when introducing a new phoneme or the corresponding graphemes for spelling choices.

5. A file folder version has been included for your students’ use. This same version has been added in Google Slides, too.

–Product Notes–
Due to dialect changes in certain regions, mouth formations may vary slightly. I have carefully selected the best mouth formation clip art I could find to assist you and your students. I highly recommend having small hand mirrors to have students practice.

As an educator for over 21 years that is Certified in Orton-Gillingham and LETRS trained, I understand the importance of following the science of reading when choosing the materials that will be the most effective for your students. Thank you for trusting me with product creation that will save you time and assist your teaching.

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Emily Gibbons, M.Ed, C/AOG, Certified Structured Literacy Dyslexia Practitioner, LETRS trained

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