Orton-Gillingham Assessment Pre and Post Tests Leveled Placement LEVEL FOUR


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The Orton-Gillingham assessment resource is designed to use with your students to find a starting point. Then, you can develop your own Orton-Gillingham lesson plans to support your instruction. Finding a starting point is a very important step when beginning O.G. Having the proper tools to make this decision for your students is critical. This resource can be used to assess students when they are beginning or exiting a level. Using the progression chart, you can plan your lessons effectively using the O.G. method.

On Track was created to help you determine a starting point for your students when using the Orton-Gillingham approach and/or dyslexia intervention with a multisensory approach. This includes a fully editable PowerPoint Presentation for personal use so you can create your own placement tests for any level.

This resource is for LEVEL FOUR ONLY.

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–Resource Notes–
Please Note: This bundle is included in the On Track Bundle.

Disclaimer: This resource is not to be used to determine Special Education eligibility, diagnose Dyslexia or other reading disabilities, or as a screening tool for Dyslexia or other reading disabilities.

Digital Availability: This resource is available in Google Drive for online tutoring and distance learning. You receive a master copy. You will need to save a copy to your Google Drive account and you can copy/paste from your copy into your online presentations. Please read the provided directions.

Tech Tip: If you’re trying to copy/paste one of my passages from the Google Drive version into your own Google Doc or Slides presentation and you get a big exclamation mark on the side in a gray box, try to clear your cache or use Firefox instead of Google Chrome.

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