C+LE Syllable Type Orton-Gillingham Activities


Use this syllable types resource to teach C+LE syllables. Teaching syllable types and syllable practice will prepare your student for syllabicating and decoding multisyllabic words.


Use this syllable types resource to teach the C+LE syllable type. Teaching syllable types and syllable practice will prepare your student for syllabicating and decoding multisyllabic words.

This syllabication resource was created to teach an introduction to C+LE syllables with one and two-syllable practice. It is compatible with the Orton-Gillingham approach, dyslexia intervention or other reading intervention programs. This resource may be used in a 1:1 setting, distance learning, online tutoring, online teaching, small group or even whole class, depending on your needs.

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What is included in this syllable types resource?

  • Syllable Types Mini-posters for C+LE
  • Rules for Syllable Division
  • Syllable Types Word Lists for consonant + le syllables
  • Syllable Types Teacher Word Cards for
  • Matching
  • Shutter flaps for dividing words into syllables
  • Super Pickles game for decoding, encoding, and identifying syllables
  • Decodable Passages and Fluency Sentence Strips
  • Sorting and Marking C+LE Syllables

–Digital Availability–
A digital version has been added for use with Google Drive. There are text boxes added for students to type their answers. This works well for distance learning and online tutoring sessions. You may need to adapt some of the games to play online.

–Product Notes–
This resource is included in the Syllabication Bundle.
This resource is also included in the complete Orton-Gillingham Part 2 Bundle.
Find tips to teach syllable types on my Syllable Types Blog Series.
For more C+LE Syllable Type practice click here.
For more Syllable Practice click here. 

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