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I Just Finished My OG Training…Now What? Series: Part One- Getting Your Materials Organized

  (This post contains affiliate links.) Hi everyone! Have you just finished your OG training or in the middle of a program? Then this series is for you! I’ve spent the past month chatting with fellow Orton-Gillingham trained teachers, and compiled some tips for you to use right away. I’m going to break this up…

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Friday Foundations 9/26/14: Multi-sensory Activities Wrap-Up and More

Hi everyone! Welcome to my second week of Friday Foundations. I’m taking the time each Friday to share tips and resources with my fellow OG instructors. I thought I’d share some photos of multi-sensory activities I incorporated into my lessons. Keep in mind, NOTHING I do here is a silent activity, The child is always…

Orton-Gillingham Word List Strategies
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Orton-Gillingham Word List Strategies

Here are some Orton-Gillingham lesson planning tips to get you started for the upcoming school year. Today, I’m blogging about how I use my words and sentences lists. This was one of the requested topics from a weeks back on my Facebook page. Hopefully seeing photos will help to give a better understanding. After being…