Early Literacy Tips to Support Language Development at Home


This is the featured image for a blog post about Early Literacy Tips to Support Language Development at Home. On one side there is the title of the blog post, on the other side a father and a daughter sit on the floor and play with colorful blocks.

When we talk about language or English Language Arts and dyslexia, we are most often referring to reading and writing. But truly, language encompasses more. When students learn a foreign language, reading, writing, speaking, and listening are the necessary skills. For young children developing their language skills, these are the same categories. In general, speaking and listening skills come before reading and writing. Early language learning sets a foundation upon which later literacy skills are built. Follow these early literacy tips at home to get started!

This is the first post in our Parent Outreach series. In future posts, we’ll cover:

  • Tips for Supporting Executive Function Skills at Home
  • Tips for Helping Your Child with Reading at Home
  • What Matters When Supporting Your Challenged Reader at Home


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