Tips for Teaching the Doubling Rule

This is the featured image for a blog post about the doubling rule. It features the title of the blog post and child thinking about how to spell batter.

One category of spelling rules that is particularly important is suffixing. These rules are particularly important because suffixes are so frequently used in our written language. Writing even a simple paragraph without suffixes is an incredibly difficult task and results in the use of awkward language that doesn’t sound particularly natural. Learning a few basic suffixing rules, like the doubling rule, will open many doors for your students as well as expand the number of words they can write dramatically.

The three main suffixing rules are:

  • The doubling rule
  • The drop e rule
  • The y rule

Learn more about spelling rules. Read, Taking a Closer Look at Spelling Errors: How a Spelling Assessment Can Inform Your Instruction.

In today’s post, we will be looking at the doubling rule. Stay tuned for more posts in this suffixing series.


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