Holiday Wishlist: Gifts for Structured Literacy Teachers

As we all know, selfless educators sometimes put themselves last and can stress over how they spend their limited funds. Take a look at this list and consider making a purchase for your loved one this year that may be something they’ve had their eye on for some time.

If YOU are a structured literacy teacher, might I suggest that you leave this blog post open on your family computer, subtly text the link for this blog post to your significant other, or casually bring it up in conversation over dinner? That should give them the little hint they need!

Here are the Top 5 Gifts for Structured Literacy Teachers!

1. A subscription to Word List Builder 

What structured literacy teacher doesn’t want to save time making customized phonics and spelling resources? I know I love any opportunity to save time. Saved time on planning means more time for myself and my family. 

A subscription to Word List Builder will:

  • Save time with prescriptive and diagnostic teaching
  • Allow for the creation of customized printables to meet the needs of students
  • Download and share resources

This amazing resource is only $8.99 a month, or purchase your favorite structured literacy teacher a yearly membership for only $89.

2. A Custom Tutor Finder Listing

Tutor finder is an Orton-Gillingham Tutor Directory that helps parents find private Orton-Gillingham tutors.

Chances are, your favorite structured literacy tutor would love help getting their name out there and connecting with families who could benefit from their services!

You can add their name to the tutor finder for just $10 a year! It truly is a gift that will continue giving on and on.

3. Membership to the new Building Readers for Life Academy 

The Building Readers for Life Academy empowers educators AND families by diving into structured literacy and strategies for ALL learners. With BRFL Academy, your favorite teacher or tutor can learn what it takes to help EVERY student become a reader for life.

In the Building Readers for Life Academy teachers and tutors learn:

  • The latest research and best practices for helping challenged learners in the classroom
  • Effective interventions that can be implemented in the classroom or online
  • How to build and nurture a thriving structured literacy approach
  • And, MUCH more!

This resource is only $12.99 a month, or purchase your favorite structured literacy teacher a yearly membership for only $129.99.

4. Resources from The Literacy Nest’s online store 

The Literacy Nest online store is loaded with resources that structured literacy teachers will love to use with their students! Check out bundles for added value, decodable passages, and season resources – perfect for this time of year!

5. Teaching Supplies 

I don’t know a teacher or tutor out there who can’t use new teaching supplies at any time of the year. To get started, take a look at some of my holiday gift ideas. 

I also suggest checking out the books listed. Teachers are always seeking more knowledge. Plus, I find books make great stocking stuffers, too!

Check out this Holiday Gifts Guide, too: The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide: 12 Great Learning Games Your Kids Will Love.

Fellow structured literacy teachers, let me know what items you would add to this holiday gift wishlist. And if you are a supportive family member of a beloved structured literacy teacher, know that any gift you give that supports their work is also a gift to the many children and families their work touches each year!

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