Mentor Monday 10/6/14: Math Picture Books To Support Cooperative Learning

Welcome to Mentor Monday everyone! Krista, from Teaching Momster, are teaming up this week to sharing picture books to use with your Math lessons that also promote cooperative learning.

When I was teaching in the classroom full time, I took a workshop on increasing student participation in a positive an productive way. We focused on using “talk moves.” Talk moves are simply strategies for promoting classroom participation in a constructive way. By providing a safe environment (criticism free), students are more willing to carry on discussion. Math class, in particular, can be tricky for kids to carry on a conversation. It can become far too passive if we teachers don’t build in these “talk moves.” What are some talk moves I can use you may ask? Click here to read more.

These talk moves won’t be effective if the climate of respect for all learners isn’t present within the classroom. Some of the ways to build that culture is through cooperative games and engaging read alouds. One book I’ve used during a unit on geometry that helps to promote cooperative learning is the ever popular book by Marilyn Burns, The Greedy Triangle.

I love this little gem not only to teach about polygons, but about being yourself. This triangle is not only greedy, but very discontented. He thinks having more sides and angles will make him happier, but it doesn’t. He ends up losing friends as he becomes a different polygon. The “local shapeshifter” helps get him, “back into shape.” Your students are going to love this book, just as much as mine did.

After reading this book, you can play Silent Partners with this freebie I created. I have all the directions and cards included. If you enjoy playing Silent Partners, I also sell these games in a bundle version for Math and ELA.You can download the freebie by clicking here.

If you loved reading The Greedy Triangle, please enter below to win a copy of my literature math-based unit. I’ll announce a winner on Thursday, October 9, 2014.

Thank you so much for stopping my today. Please be sure to check out the other blog posts in this link up for more picture book ideas and strategies.

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  1. Kylie M
    Kylie M says:

    I love co-operative learning and accountable talk. One of the books I love to use is "Spork" – all about valuing differences and diversity. Great blog post Emily 🙂

  2. Aileen Fermin
    Aileen Fermin says:

    I work with ELLs and I am always looking for engaging activities to have them use their new language. I love using cooperative learning because it alleviates some of the stress they feel when they work alone. And I'll be adding The Greedy Triangle to my shapes unit.

  3. dbednars
    dbednars says:

    I love to use the book "The Crayon Box That Talked". It's great to help the kids see that we need everyone for whatever they can add to our group. Diversity is so important!!


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