Mentor Monday 9/29/14: Non-Fiction Books for Sequencing

Welcome back to Mentor Monday! We’re talking Non-Fiction books for teaching sequencing events. Sequencing may present challenges to your budding readers, if they issues with comprehension. Using How-To books is one great way to begin teaching sequencing. But we don’t always read How-to text. A great deal of non-fiction is written in narrative form with real characters, settings, events, a problem and a solution. This book that just came out a few years ago that is great for teaching this structure. It’s called Here Comes The Garbage Barge by Jonah Winter and The Red Nose Studio.

This is an amazing story based on the events that took place in 1987 in Islip , NY. They needed to dump 3,168 tons of garbage, so they hire a barge to ship it to another location. Find out what happens when NO ONE wants Islip’s stinky old garbage. This book is super high interest and the illustrations will really hold a young reader’s attention.

Not only does this book have cause and effect coming out of its ears, (or pages in this case), it works very well for sequencing events. It’s not your typical sequence choice, since it’s written more in a narrative form. But, the events build well throughout the plot. I use FCCR Florida Center For Reading Research for tons of lesson ideas and ready to print graphic organizers. Here’s a link you may want to use before, during and after reading.

Here’s a two little freebies for you to enjoy with your students. One is the making of this very unique, picture book and the other is an animated version of the text. Download them both by clicking here:


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