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Hi everyone! It’s back to school time and we all know what that means for teachers and families. Open up the wallet! Things really have a way of adding up, don’t they? It’s nice to get a little savings whenever possible.

One tool I use quite a bit for my own business, as well as during OG sessions is my i-Pad. Today I’m going to share two ways I use it.

1. Last summer I found a super helpful and FREE app called OG cards. Created by The Mayerson Academy, it’s an interactive take on using phonogram flashcards.

Here’s a pic of the screen for the letter B:

Check out all helpful features at the bottom.  They’re fabulous! You can tap on any of them and hear it’s name, sound, keyword, or a watch a video.

  • When would you use this? As a quick at-home practice,
  •  In a literacy center, or
  • At the beginning of an OG lesson.

You can download it for free in the app store for iTunes and Android.

2. I also use my iPad for reading QR codes. QR stands for Quick Response. Once you download a QR reader app, you can use it to scan QR codes. By scanning over the code, you have access to a website or linked file. I love QR codes for research with young children. You can create a safe browsing experience for your students by having a QR code take you directly to a website. I use them in my non-fiction projects, task cards and lap-books. Here are directions I used for one of my QR code life cycle products:


You can view QR code products in my store
in the following store categories:

You can download both of these apps for free in the app store for iTunes and Android.
But what if you don’t have an iPad? You can enter here to win one! I’ve teamed up with some amazing teacher bloggers to giveaway a FREE iPad mini. Just enter the Rafflecopter at the end of this post. This giveaway runs from August 1-9, 2014.

Good luck friends! Thank you for visiting my blog today!

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