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Hi Everyone! Some of you may know that I’m no longer in a classroom full time since I’ve been staying home with three little ones. I work in a 1:1 setting when I tutor.  I have an interesting idea I came up with late last night that I’m hoping you be interested in helping me create.

I absolutely love designing and creating products for Teachers Pay Teachers. The idea of my products helping children from all over simply warms my heart. It has kept my creative juices flowing when I’m not chasing toddlers around too! Sadly, I do not have many photographs of children using or completing projects or activities with my products. This is an important piece in helping me design future products. It also helps others make informed decisions about whether they’d like to try that product out with their own class.

Here’s where you come in to help. The concept and rules are pretty simple. If you’re interested, please read the following very carefully.

  1. If you have purchased a product from my store and are willing to send me CLEAR and QUALITY photos of your classroom using it, or have a photo of the completed project (even a bulletin board display will be fine), fill out this required Google form. There’s just 4 easy questions.
  2. DO NOT send me photos with your students’ faces. (I won’t use them.) Be sure you have school clearance allowing you to send me photos that will potentially be made public on my blog, FB page, and Pinterest. The product in progress and/or finished, backs of heads, hands, desks, areas of a classroom, and bulletin boards are all fine.
  3. Your Google form is due by Thursday, April 10th.
  4. Send all photos to thereadingtutorog@gmail.com ** I will not use photos that are blurry, so please make sure they are high quality.
  5. IF I select your photos, I will contact you via email prior to publishing them.
  6. You’ll have a chance every month to enter your photos, so if I don’t choose you, please try again! I may also save yours to publish in a different month.
  7. I’ll be selecting 2, possibly 3 people’s photos every month. As a special thank you, they’ll be able to choose one item from my store, $4 or less for free.
  8. Google form is here.

And that’s it! I’m hoping to feature a new Picture Pals every month. I really appreciate your help and look forward to hearing from you too!

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